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Villa's Leonidas Terrain, Rotterdam

various private clients
creative ownership:
EARTHbound Architecture
3 Villa's

The municipality of Rotterdam developed on the former  hockey fields an urban plan for a community with private owners to build their own sustainable house.  It is the ambition of the municipality that the community is not connected to the fossile gas network and that the residencies are fitted with durable energy systems with renewable sources.  Houses are to be build mainly in local European wood. Proof of sustainble score within GPR are required on energy, environment, material, health and life cycle (future value).

Within this development EARTHbound architecture designed 4 private houses for 4 private clients.

The overall strategy of the houses is that the foundation is made on piles with a concrete floor slab with a minimal impact on the alluvial areas of the river Maas. The houses itself will all be build in wood structure with high insulation values and wooden cladding. By using prefabricated elements the execution on site is minimised. Although the general organisation is similar and meticulously planned, the appearance of the houses is different. Each was custom made design for the future owners with a proces of participation in de design development of the clients to reflect their particular needs and wishes. The design strategy includes of future adaptations or additions to the structures.

The orientation of the builings is to south and west, to allow sunlight. North facades have a limited number of openings. The facades are clad in the fast growing wood species Larch or Douglas fir combined with roof slates in ceramics or Western Red Cedar shingles.

The builings are equiped with a pellet stove central heating, with low temperature underfloor heating througout the house. The use of PV panels of the remaining energy requirements makans that the buildings are energy neutral.

Building will start in April 2016.

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