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Villa Cadzand, The Netherlands

@ 24H-architecture
Patrick van Heurck
creative ownership:
Maartje Lammers & Boris Zeisser
250 m2 Villa

In the wide and vast landscape of Zeeland Flanders on a typical and abandoned farmhouse complex we developed a strategy for a new Villa as part of a constellation with existing Barn & Tolhuis.

The layout of the Villa is designed as an open plan layout with wooden structure and one continuing rough natural stone wall dividing the various living spaces. Our client, coming from a family business in fashion, was extremely interested and specific in the research for finishes and material. This let to an incredible inspiring journey of experiment and detailing, a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

In close collaboration with the client all elements have been carefully designed as a custom made window frame, flooring and furniture elements. The feel of the interior is that of an hand-crafted modern home. Where architectural detailing meets the precision of fashion design in edges, finishes, rough or smooth. The flooring as a giant jigsaw puzzle was developed from the inspiration given by the client, making an abstract dried earth flooring on the thick clay underground of the site.

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