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Sometimes you meet people where communication is a form of sizzling energy that fills the room. This was the case in the formation of EARTHbound’s team. A new age in architectural practice demands a second glance on collaboration with clients, colleagues and setting. EARTHbound focuses on complimenting each others skills, knowledge and general outlook on life. We believe this is a ground rule in creating a efficient work environment and inevitably beautiful structures as our product. 




Maartje Lammers

Founder EARTHbound/Architect

Maartje Lammers is the founding mother of EARTHbound. This woman has the wisdom of a shaman and is a cowgirl by heart. She will rock your ears off with her banjo, and mesmerises you with some hand drawn details of your future home. She will embrace everyone and everything around her, and we love her for that. 




maartje 2.jpg
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