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Panayaden Chiang Mai, Thailand

@ 24H-architecture
Markus Rosenlieb
creative ownership:
Maartje Lammers & Boris Zeisser
kindergarten & primary school

Since this project was initiated with private money, we suggested traveling to Thailand and making a sketch design for the school while staying there for a few days. As we drove through the hills around Chiang May, through the dark jungle we arrived just after midnight to there estate, a European looking white house bathing in the moonlight, a beacon in the night. During the days that followed we learned to know the other consultants. It became an incredibly inspiring week with many discussions. Within 2 days we presented the initial logistic concept for the school based on an antler shaped leaf that was hanging from the trees. It felt like Buddha in the air and inspiration hanging from a tree. During that first visit we drew a scheme in felt tip pens and models made from wooden sticks for the school based on two basic forms for the buildings. 

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