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Loft & Barn Cadzand, The Netherlands

@ 24H-architecture
Derek van Heurck
creative ownership:
Maartje Lammers & Boris
Refurbishment & addition to old Barn 

The old Tolhuis is refurbished partially with re-use of existing materials, insulated and provided with new insulated steel window frames. The atmosphere is mysterious due to the choice of dark materials and the special effect of the painting of the walls (collaboration with artist Corine van Ravenstein). For the furniture a special kitchen was designed and manufactured by artisanal steel company of van Iersel. Part of the existing Barn was replaced by a large open plan day & activity room, next to a new pool. Detailing strategy is again the rough and typical barn materials met by special furniture and finishes.


The old Barn is partially refurbished and partially rebuilt to accommodate guests using concrete as a main ingredient with the warmth of bamboo wall covering.

For the overall energy strategy a biomass wood fuelling stove was installed. Electricity is provided by Photo Voltaic panels on the roof. Rainwater is harvested to feed a grey water system.

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