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Houttuyn River Wellness Resort, Suriname

@ 24H-architecture
Wellness River resort
creative ownership:
Maartje Lammers & Boris Zeisser
6000m2 resort program with wellness, restaurant, hotels and private villa's

On the merging of Surinam river and Para river on the location of the former Houttuyn plantation the Houttuyn River Resort is being developed, on a 20 minute distance from Paramaribo centre. The goal for the masterplan layout was to try to keep the characteristic vegetation of palm trees and various forest trees and at the same time make a maximum use of the potential of the waterfront.


For the wellness resort the architecture of the treatment rooms and part of the hotel cabana's was inspired by the Marron architecture from the little villages in the forest of Boven Suriname. Resulting in a high density random layout of scattered buildings as is found in the Marron villages. Public buildings of the resort are shaped and designed are leave shaped roofs.

Part of the research in detailing for the buildings is found in de history of the Paramaribo wooden houses, using local wood and craftmanship.


Further in the process of development series of Villa's will be build along the Para river. The lots will be left as rough as possible in order to maintain vegetation and character of the site. Inspired by the palm leave roof of the vegetation a special type Villa was designed, making a specific housing quality for the tropical climate of Surinam.



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