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Dragspelhuset Glaskogen, Sweden

@ 24H-architecture
creative ownership:
Maartje Lammers & Boris
Holiday house

Falling in love with that place was so easy. One could say that we did not find the place, but the place found us. It happened to be around the same time that we were ready to start our own office. What we felt was that this remote and rough landscape, so unlike what we are familiar with in Holland, needed something that would belong. Making a typical red Swedish cottage would be an insult to the Swedes, making a glass box saying all year round ' I am a Monument' an insult for the place. So we started looking for a solution for a building that could blend in with nature, a building that would hide in the landscape without having to hide. 


Our architectural inspiration came from the rocks of granite that form the landscape. The building became an gigantic boulder in the landscape. Windows, in order to avoid reflection of the sun, were hidden in the skin. The part that is cantilevering over the stream has a pointy nose, the fume of the wood stove. Many of the visitors see different animal species, turtle or rhinoceros. You could say a very pleasant Hus Djur, a house animal in Swedish.


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