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Maartje Lammers

Founder Earthbound


ABOUT ME. After an inspiring period of more than 15 years as one of the directors of 24H-architecture, the time has come to make a new leap in architecture. A new time in my life, with new opportunities ask for a new approach.

WHAT I'VE DONE. Being able to have realised all these wonderful projects on the most outstanding locations on this earth, my birth ground and home land is my biggest accomplishment. In the 25 years of experience i’ve embedded my roots in learning, creating and building with nature and it’s inhabitants. 

WHAT I DO.  It became clear to me that architecture for me requires a careful embedding in the context where is sits. 

From within the network of known partners around me I will continue working with love and passion on new challenges.

Shades of Wood

Antler leaves

Mysterious Barn

Egg retreat

Wood fever

River lands

Ancient Green

Animal Movement

Termite Hill

Color Me Black

Water Tower

View Project

Dune sanctuary

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